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Mobile application

Ebeewan helps to setup and monitor easily the sensors, thanks to its mobile application. Flash the encrypted QR codes on sensors to identify and manage it quickly.

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Native application                                 

Our solution is delivered with a mobile application

  • ebeewan for standar customers

  • Built and deployed with our cutomer specific design for white labels.

All developpement are natives to give the best user experience.

Our customers are able to buy sensors by themselves, then to generate QR codes directly from the web application.

We have designed the user experience to ease the management of your sensors network by simply flashing the printed QR codes on the sensors.

Flash the QR code

With the application, easily flash the printed QR code that we put on every sensors.

Add sensors

Complex keys are in the QR code, you only need to add custom parameters to identify the sensor with human language.


At any moment, our customers can flash the QR code on a sensor to quickly find it on the application and start the maintenance operation.
Ebeewan in your hands

The mobile application enable creation and edition of sensors with its user centrics QR code system as seen in the first section and also:
  • Mobile notification of your alarms.
  • Disable an alert when the issue is resolved.
  • Enable and disable alarms in on touch.
  • View sensors data as a list or graphics.
  • Find quickly a geolocated  infrastructure with the included map.

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