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Smart buildings

Ebeewan protect buildings, analyse rooms occupancy or simply monitor ambiant temperature and humidity

Listen your heating system

With sustainable development objectives but also cost saving, our solution give a way to analyse the heat lost in a building by monitoring the heating system. Simple and efficient, ebeewan will decrease your cost a lot.

Backup alarm system

Security companies must provide reliable, consistent protection. Ebeewan outsmart GSM jammers, hold security guards accountable and increase alarm system reliability. Rather than competing with traditional systems, these smart devices provide a cost-effective, scalable way for security providers to increase the effectiveness of their existing services.

Room occupancy

Meeting rooms, working spaces or parking spots, ebeewan could monitor your office. At any time you could know if a parking spot is used or if the meeting room is free for your appointment.

Building geolocation

Simple click on a map allow to place your building with floors, rooms and sensors. On a quick glance you will be able to know your installation states.

Floors and rooms management

More than just adding sensors on buildings, they can be assigned on floors and rooms to a better security and occupancy management.

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Ebeewan watch your infrastructure

Our solution is clear and build following the user experience best practice. It is also powerful and efficient.
Complex alarm

Our alarm system could manage simple infrastructure as well as complex system using multiple co-working sensors.

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Machine learning

Ebeewan learn your infrastructure language then is able to figure out every behaviours change to anticipate issues.

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Energy optimization

Monitor and analyse your energy consumption, look for optimization et save money.

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