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Smart city

Population increase every days, cities face new opportunities… and challenges.

To relieve the growth pressure and ensure the life quality of its citizen, cities are looking toward IoT

Use cases

Better watering

Knowledge of earth temperature and humidity help to a smarter watering of city green areas. Ebeewan use local weather information to enhance these data.

Pollution watch

Sound noise or air quality, you could quickly view the life quality of a district. These information could be used to change riparian usages and start reasoning about traffic management.

Better consumtion

Electric, gaz or fuel, monitor all your machine to avoid issues in your public building and optimize consumption.

Infrastructure geolocation

Simple click on a map allow to place your infrastructures with sensors. On a quick glance you will be able to know your installation states.

Alarm template

More than a copy/paste, create alarm templates and assign it on all your sensors or infrastructure easily.

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Ebeewan helps agglomerations

Low power networks  have numerous advantages regarding classic security systems.
Features scaled for cities

Geolocation-based infrastructure management

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Easy to install

Flash & start

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No gateway or specific network, only simple sensors

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