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Construction sites

Construction sites are sensitives areas where a small issue could be expensive.

Ebeewan provide an easy way to connect every industrial machines without extra infrastructure. Sensors can track equipment from sites to sites without any manipulation.

Monitor pumps or tanks

Watching water pumps whose must stay powered as well as monitoring tanks filling are real challenges. The most minor issue from any of these instruments could be really expensive.

Vehicles geolocation

The geolocation of vehicles on construction sites as in between them is a logistics challenge. With ebeewan, you could know the exact position of vehicle and optimize travel time.

Anemometer and weather stations

Anemometer at the top of every crane is the best method to know if the wind is too strong to work. With our sensors you could know the amount of time where the wind was to strong to be used as a claim for your insurance. More, you can assure that your workers respect safety rules.

Complex alarm

Our alarm system could manage simple infrastructure as well as complex system using mesh networks of sensors.

Cost effective and mobile

Technology used by our sensors enable them to be moved from sites to sites without up-cost. Your sensors are cheap and battery powered, they can be reused everywhere.

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Ebeewan for construction sites

Low power networks have numerous advantages regarding classic security systems.
Extended coverage

10 to 15 km

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Easy to use

No cables or gateway. Juste simple sensors to register on ebeewan with your smartphone or computer

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Be alerted for the smallest issue in function of the priority levels that you have choose

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