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Ebeewan Box

Come in the IoT univers with our ready to use starter packs.

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Starter Packs

Our starter packs are built to help you to enter in the Internet of things world by giving an overview of 

the efficiency and simplicity of our solution
Easily secure sensitive access. - Opened Door/Windows - Motion detection
Ebeebox - Security
Sécurité - Starter Pack
With this pack monitor quickly : - Temperature - Humidity - Room occupancy
Ebeebox - Smart Building
Smart building - Starter Pack
Enable efficient and money saving agriculture. - Monitor soil temperature and humidity - Monitor greenhouse temperature and humidity
Ebeebox - Smart Farm
Smart farm - Starter Pack
Complete your sensors park

Manage every use case by selecting additional sensors in our index.                                        
Easy to install

- Flash the QRcode on the sensor. - Install the sensor - Done !

Precise sensors for every situations

Ask for a demonstration

Ebeewan is the solution build to answer all your needs. Do not wait to contact us for a demonstration !