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Iot made simple for cities and companies

Ebeewan manage you infrastructure and find out every issues thanks to its smart watching systems. Heaters, water pumps, grennhouses, industrial machines… Every things could be watched with simples sensors managed with smartphone or computer.

Save money, you are allready covered thanks to our partners networks.

Machine Learning

Alarme complexe

Smart City

Smart Building

Construction Site

Smart Farm

  • Swiss Quality Made, all our development are made in Switzerland

  • Our passion: Solve your problems

  • Local actor and IoT experts

  • Incubated at the Fonfit, first suisse start-up launcher

No dedicated infrastructure

Our sensors are self-sufficient, and connected to the Internet by our partners gateways.

Watch & Optimisation
Business Intelligence

Export data and reports to enhance your process with ebeewan or use BI tools as Power BI from Microsoft.

Data property

Your data are stored on our servers in Switzerland or in the European Union

We guard you

Simple, complex, template or machine learning fed. Our watching sets give an perfect protection.

Save money

What is the cost of a malfunction ? Few low-cost sensors and you will be protected again every possible issues.

Analyse and Support
Need analyse

Our experts can support your company while you are looking for requirement and applications.

Extended coverage

10 to 15 km in rural areas 2 to 5 km in urban areas

Low Power

Long battery life No external alimentation

Low cost

Low cost devices No infrastructures

  • Reporting tools
  • Smart monitoring
  • IoT consulting
  • ebeebox

Ask a demonstration

We will be happy to show you our platform !