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Smart farm

Farming has seen a number of technological transformations in the last decades, becoming more industrialized and technology-driven. By using various smart agriculture tools, farmers have gained better control over the process of raising livestock and growing crops, making it more predictable and improving its efficiency.

Better watering

Knowledge earth temperature and humidity help to a smarter watering of fields. Ebeewan use local weather information to enhance these data.

Tanks and silos levels

Our level sensors are used to know the exact fill level of silos. With this knowledge you could anticipate the refill and optimise stocks management.

Track animals

Ebeewan enable easy tracking of a herd then optimize it’s moving pattern. Knowledge of the animals temperature could really help farmers to a better health management.

Autonomous sensors

Each sensor work alone without any infrastructure or cables. They are connected with our partners low power networks.

External data

Sensors can work on extended area. Data are transmitted on the Internet to be analysed by our algorithm and correlated with external data.

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Ebeewan is build to help farmers 

Intrusion, tanks levels, weather, humidity, water usage, plant health, etc.
Extended coverage

10 to 15 km

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Easy to use

No cables or gateway. Juste simple sensors to register on ebeewan with your smartphone or computer

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Be alerted for the smallest issue in function of the priority levels that you have choose

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Ask for a demonstration

Ebeewan is the solution build to answer all your needs. Do not wait to contact us for a demonstration !