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Consulting IoT

You need help identify your needs and help to guide you? Contact-us, we are here for you.

Our skills

Distinguish your company regarding your concurents, enhance productivity or create better services for your customers. We drives companies on these paths.


Creating an efficient innovation process in your company will ensure a better company's positioning. Our experts could help conducting your company on such approach.


Project management, Specifications, Functional or Technical documentation, we could help you winning precision in your analyse documents redaction and driving your projects.


Sigfox, LoRa, LPWAN, IoT, NB-Iot... These labels could enhance your productivity and build an better customer relation with the given boost to your business process.

Specifics Developpement

Ours applications can be integrated in your company's ecosystem. You need a customize integration, ours web and mobile development experts can help and drive you.

You wish external advice about your process before starting institutional changes ? Better understanding for a better integration regarding IoT ? Necio find with you the best approach. Firstly, we harvest information across interviews and team meetings. Next, come proposals to enhance your industrial processes. 
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You want more and develop your own IoT application ?
We have experts in these software architectures. They are able to help you regarding technologies and products. They present enhancing solution regarding returning over investment and the impact over your company.

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