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Reports, API and data export

Personnal report, for services or company. The report builder is fully and easily customizable. All data are reachable by API or simple CSV exports.

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Reports and custom exports

Ebeewan enable simple creation of reports using numerous charts templates.

  • Simple or multiple lines chart

  • Gauges

  • Values

  • Bar charts

  • etc.

Reports could be private, shared and also exported as PDF.

You can browse rapports using tabs. Every metrics can be displayed and analyzed.

Simple report system
PDF or Excel export
Every sensor and data 
could be managed
every data API exposed
Secured access by user or group
Highly customizable
Easy Drag'n Drop
Wide chart choices
Power BI ready
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Share report

Share your reports and dashboards easily.

Every report could be shared by enabling it in its settings. Your clients and users will be able to view any shared reports with its Id and Password where you highlight datas with multiples dynamics components.

Automatic infrastructure dashboards

From any infrastructures it is easy to generate automatic dashboards.

You just need to select a data(e.g. Temperature). Then, ebeewan will create a new page with every sensors containing this data. The datas will be displayed in card with colors according to levels selected a the creation.


If you need to compute your data on external systems, every data could be consumed with our API.
Fully compliant with Microsoft PowerBI.
Data could also be exported as CSV format to be computed in Excel.

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