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Alarms system

Simple and complex, ebeewan alarm system will cover every Water pump, Freezer, Meeting rooms, Parking spots, Tanks… evrythings could be protected by simple drag and drop.

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Complex alarms

Ebeewan give two different approaches:

  • Simple alarms.

  • Complex alarms

Simples alarms enable simple threshold where alarm will trigger.

E.g: Monitoring an heater, an alarm with a simple threshold under which an alert while trigger may be sufficient.

Complex alarms are built to manage all situation that simple alarms cannot handle. 

Using our graphic interface, customers are able to design their own alarm by correlating multiple sensors.

E. g: In complex machine as water pump on construction sites, one water sensor cannot handle the situation. You need to use at least two sensors to know if the water pump is working when there is water.

Design alarm

Thresholds, conditions and sensors comparison


Choose groups and user to alert, the alerting method(sms, mail, notification) and the alarm level

Be warned

Enable alarm to receive alerts
Alarm templates and levels

We also create alarm template.

These models could be linked to sensors groups or buildings. It enable quick alarm activation on huge cluster of sensors in few clicks.

We use multiple view to find out witch alarms are active and triggered (list, maps…).

It is also possible to define levels of urgency. It could be really usefull depending off use cases.

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