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Smart Monitoring

User centric, ebeewan signature is simplicity. With a lot of use cases and features, our solution is innovative and smart.

Dashboard and easy management

The home page is highly customizable. It becomes easy to show charts or importants values.

Current alarms and alerts could also be shown at the clients wishes.

Same controls exist in the  native mobile application which allows for easy alarm and captor management between platform.

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No expensive maintenance contract, you pay for what you use.

User centric

You can add as many sensors as needed.


Each sensor work alone without any infrastructure or cables. They are connected with our partners low power networks. Sensors are autonomous but could work together to enable incredible features.


ebeewan learn of your behaviors and will remind you of any oversight.

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Infrastructure management

Buildings, gardens, construction sites, lakes, facilities… Every infrastrctures could be monitored

Each one will need specifics sensors to cover all possible issues.

Our maps show infrastrcture types clearly with floors and linked devices. 

Live alarms are also shown with urgency levels to help our customers to identify quickly the issues origins.

Users and groups managment

Users are linked to group or teams whose will define their right on the platform

It allow to manage permissions on sensors, alarms, infrastructures and reports.

Security are managed on services level. It become easy to integrate ebeewan in an intranet or a third party system.

Right managment could be achieve easily on the web application and also on mobile.

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Ebeewan features

Baseline features

Users and groups management

Give access to different product's entities and features as some user will be able to add devices, other will only be able to look for data.


From one to thousand of sensors, manage alarms to protect your infrastructure.

Infrastructure management

Every infrastructure could be managed the same way but could also be customized on the maps and lists helping customers to easily identify them.

Reports and data

Report are simple to create and manage. Add charts, pie-chart and multiple other representations to use your data as you need. You could also export them via the interface or use our API with external tools.