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Ebeewan for device makers

We have built ebeewan to be used as a white label application to help companies to focus on their devices or any other companies that try to start an IoT project.

We work on the software, work on your products.
Use ebeewan in a dedicated environment for you and your clients
Customizable IoT platform

We brand ebeewan with your logo and company's colours.

Dedicated deployment

Your ebeewan white label could be a stand alone build on a dedicated container with your mongoDB database.

Experts services

Ours experts in LPWAN can advise you to pick up modules and features that you needs for your activity.

White labels, what will you get ?
Skin design

Colours, logo and icons are selected with you to transform ebeewan in your application.

Features selection

Each feature of ebeewan could be added or removed to build an application for your business.

Your datas
Sensor integration

You can use our payload parser with your sensor. Give us the payload schema and we will integrate it in the database of sensors or do it yourself.

Experts follow up

LPWAN experts are dedicated to help your company if you have specifics need.

Dedicated environment

Your white label application could be deployed on a dedicated container with your networks credentials (SigFox or LoRa)

Customer application

Your customers will have access to an end-user platform to look for their data.

  • Focus your business

    We are developers

    Be focused on your business, and use our expert to build your platform. Ebeewan is already efficient and easily customizable for your need. Let’s become partners !

  • You + Us = Better

    The best of two worlds

    Sharing our skills to build the best platform for your customers. We will be happy to develop new features if your business need it.

White labels benefits
Time saving

Do not spend your time on application to show your data.

Your platform

This could be more than just an ebeewan access, it could be your platform and database.


Use the application as a showcase on your website and presentation to focus your devices innovations.

Ask for a demonstration

Ebeewan is the solution build to answer all your needs. Do not wait to contact us for a demonstration !