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LPWAN Technologies

When wireless is perfectly applied, the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain

– Nikola Tesla, 1926 –

Key features

LPWAN networks are clearly built for the internet of things usages.

Swiss pioneer  since 2016, we built a lot of projects.

Extended coverage

10 to 15 km in rural areas 2 to 5 km in urban areas

Low Power

Long battery life No external alimentation

Low cost

Low cost devices No infrastructures

Lots of sensors

LPWAN could manage a lots of sensors together.

LPWAN infrastructure architecture
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Enable new usages and services with ebeewan, your dedicated eploitation system open for every connected thing.
Watch, manage and automate  your equipments.

Visibility, predicting, coordinating and automating for a better:

Life quality

Energy management, smart home, air quality...

Energetic efficiency

Monitoring solution and urban lighting controls. Photovoltaic parc watching.


Process controls to enhance competitiveness with the visibility, pretictivity, controls and automatisation given by the Industrial Internet of things. IT and Industries never been so close.

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LPWA Compliant 

 Count on our LPWAN networks of experts.

Sigfox and The Things Network certified.